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Hello friend!

I am excited you are HERE and LOVE my photography.  My portfolio showcases memories for the whole hearted.  Capturing life's special moments frozen in time for you to look back on year after year is what I love about photography.  Being able to share those moments of laughter, excitement, joy, love, etc. is why I love doing photography more and more each year.  I get giddy when I capture your first or first or tenth image because I just know you will swoon over!  

A little about me!  I am based out of Kansas City, Missouri.  That is right, Missouri not Kansas haha.  I grew up in the area and the beautiful city (& family) has kept me around.  I have a degree in Photography, I learned on film (I know that makes me old). 

art makes my heart flutter.

- I'm obsessed with all things summer
   (I absolutely would rather sweat than shiver!)
- My fur babies are my snuggle buds
- I will do anything for a pink drink @ starbucks
- I love to travel
- dr pepper should be a food group
-figuring out this MOM thing and am LOVING it

My love for the arts started when I was young.  I always loved drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.  Growing up I never had an answer for what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I excelled in my art classes but nothing jumped out and yelled THIS IS IT!  Until my senior year in high school for my senior art project.  I chose something that was new to me and wasn't offered at my school... photography.  When I picked up that camera it was like something clicked and at that moment I decided that is what I wanted to do. 

Fast forward, years later I met my main man and number one fan.  We love to travel, try new restaurants and love on our little girl.  Our home is also filled with furry family members pictured (they give amazing snuggles)!


Let's capture something beautiful!!


I love shooting weddings and capturing your beautiful memories! 


Let's create something beautiful!!


Let's capture something beautiful!!

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